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Flexor Product Support

We aim to provide 24/7 product support through online resources such as User Guides and FAQs. Should your query not be answered by these resources, technical support is available through our Flexor Account Portal*. Please login and click on the "Submit a Query" link on the Portal Home Page. Alternatively, please call us on the numbers on the left.


Step-by-Step Instruction Guides

  1. Create a User Account
  2. Download Flexor Software
  3. Run Flexor Software for the first time
  4. Configure your telephone
  5. Installation Guide: Flexor CTI for Outlook
  6. Installation Guide: Flexor CTI for Netsuite using SuiteTalk
  7. Installation Guide: Flexor CTI for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  8. Installation Guide: Flexor CTI for SalesForce
  9. Overview: Flexor Account Portal


On-Line User Guides

  1. Flexor Connect for Asterisk PBX
  2. Flexor Connect for Snom Phones
  3. Flexor Connect for Polycom
  4. Flexor Connect for Tapi
  5. Flexor Connect for Skype
  6. Flexor Connect for Yealink


Support Documents

  1. Information on integrating Asterisk IVR with Flexor - Support Document (PDF)
  2. Information on integrating Asterisk Call Recording with Flexor - Support Document (PDF)
  3. Information on integrating Asterisk via an AMI Proxy for Hosted VoIP Providers - Support Document (PDF)
  4. Firefox Web Extension - Signed Add-on Installation Files (XPI)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Flexor Manager
  2. Asterisk
  3. Microsoft Dynamics
  4. Microsoft Outlook
  5. Netsuite
  6. Polycom
  7. Salesforce
  8. Skype
  9. snom
  10. Tapi

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Frequently Asked Questions

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