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Flexor CTI for NetSuite

A leader in on-demand web-based applications, NetSuite has played a prime role in bringing low cost, full-feature CRM capability to small and medium sized businesses. Offering a range of popular web-based CRM software to manage customer relationships and business processes, NetSuite has helped to transform the business landscape by enabling SMBs to compete with much larger organisations without the need for large scale IT investment.


Flexor CTI for NetSuite adds the extra dimension needed for total customer interaction, seamlessly integrating telephony with NetSuite CRM, CRM+ or Small Business to deliver advanced call features such as on-screen call control, screen pops, call logging and management reporting for total customer interaction.


By capturing all call activity directly into customer records, Flexor CTI not only helps businesses to better track customer contact, but also enables management reports set up in NetSuite to highlight call performance, and maximise inbound, outbound and call time efficiency.


Flexor CTI for NetSuite is listed in the SuiteFlex Solutions Directory


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Flexor CTI for NetSuite Video Presentation

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Product Series includes...


Flexor CTI for Netsuite [Polycom Edition]

Flexor CTI for Netsuite [snom Edition]

Flexor CTI for Netsuite [Asterisk Edition]

Flexor CTI for Netsuite [Yealink Edition]

Flexor CTI for Netsuite [Tapi Edition]

Flexor CTI for Netsuite [Skype Edition]

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