XMPP Warning

XMPP Warning appears in Flexor OnScreen

This generally indicates your firewall (or some element of your network security or network topology such as multiple Internet connections) is blocking connections to our hosted presence server.

This should not stop click to dial and record pop working but it means you cannot see the status of your other Flexor users in the Flexor OnScreen window.

The Flexor software that is running on your PC's uses jabber / xmpp which uses TCP ports 5222,5223,5269,5298 to communicate with our hosted presence server. 

Please allow traffic on these ports through your firewall. Opening up these ports should not affect any other applications.  In particular it has been reported that Kaspersky blocks the Presence updates.

Please enable access to and from these ports for the following servers; betaxmpp.camrivox.com, alphaxmpp.camrivox.com and deltaxmpp.camrivox.com.

Once you have made changes to firewalls, or other security software, please exit and restart Flexor to refresh the connection.

Please also use the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager to check that only one instance of  Flexor is running.

Please also make sure each Flexor user is logging into Flexor with their own Flexor user ID. 

If you share Flexor user ID's the Presence features will not work.

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