Flexor XMPP Roster Settings

XMPP Roster settings available with Flexor 2.1.92 onwards

This new feature allows the Flexor account administrator to create groups of users within their Flexor account, for the purpose of reducing the Flexor users on display in the Flexor OnScreen window. 

For example the Administrator might create a group for all the Flexor users in the Sales department and another group for all the Flexor users in the Accounts department. 

This is achieved by logging onto the Flexor Account Portal web site as an Administrator and clicking on the "Change XMPP Roster settings" button.

Portal Roster Settings

A data entry window will pop up.

XMPP Roster Settings

New groups are created by entering the group name surrounded by square brackets, for example: 


To add users to the group enter their Flexor user ID (email address) followed by carriage return. 

The following example is for 2 groups called Sales and Accounts: 



Please note each line must end with a Carriage Return. 

When you have finished making changes click on "Update XMPP Roster Settings". 

If a user is not in a group they will be visible to everyone and everyone will be visible to them.

If you add a user to a group, they will be visible to users in the group and users who are not in any group.

If you wish to isolate users in a group, for example Sales, all other users on the account must be in another group for example Accounts.

Changes will not be seen in the Flexor OnScreen window until Flexor has been exited and restarted. Because the peer list is cached by the server, occasionally you may need to restart Flexor a second time and/or restart peer instances of Flexor. 

There is also a further new feature in the Flexor OnScreen window that allows a Flexor user to hide the users not logged into Flexor. To enable this click on the arrow to the right of the organisation's name in Flexor OnScreen and select Hide Unavailable Peers. 

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