What is the difference between Snom & Asterisk editions?

I'm not sure which to use?

Both Flexor Connect for Snom and for Asterisk editions will work with all the applications (e.g. Salesforce) supported by Camrivox. However Flexor Connect for Snom connects directly between your PC and your Snom phone, Flexor Connect for Asterisk connects between your PC and your Asterisk Server, so they behave slightly differently (see below). There is only one version of the Flexor software that you install on your PC, you can manage licensing to access the different versions via the Flexor Account Portal.

Flexor Connect for Snom  provides the ability to Click to Answer and to Hold and Retrieve calls. No additional configuration is required for Automatic Click to Dial (one click places the call to the recipient and the users snom phone).

Flexor Connect for Asterisk supports any Asterisk compatible SIP/IAX2 VOIP handset or softphone and Asterisk Call Queues.

If you are still not sure which edition is right for you please contact Camrivox for further advice.

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