Standard Salesforce CTI adapter slow to load or missing from browser

Call control in Salesforce

Standard CTI in Salesforce should appear as a Call control panel (click on this link for the guide) in the left hand margin of your browser window, once you have logged into Salesforce. 

If you have already installed and configured Flexor and it and the Salesforce CTI application are running in the System Tray of the Task bar but CTI is not available, please check:

Does your company have the required version of Salesforce? CTI is not available in Group Edition.

Some browser security features can block elements of the CTI adapter, depending on the browser please check the following FAQ's:





Has your companies Salesforce administrator enabled your user account to use CTI (click on this link for the guide)?  

Is the CTI panel trying to load? It is generally the last thing to load in the browser, so if the Salesforce page is still loading you may notice the CTI softphone panel initialising in the top left of the screen. It has been reported that if other elements loading in the Saleforce page are slow to load it may take a few seconds for the CTI panel to appear.

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