Salesforce CTI Adapter 4.03

The latest Salesforce CTI adapter is available in Flexor version 2.1.93 onwards

If Camrivox CTI for Salesforce has been enabled the CTI adapter should appear as a small panel (click on this link for the user guide) in the left hand margin of your browser window, once you have logged into Salesforce. 

Please note when using this adapter with Chrome or Firefox a Pop up window should appear (see screen shot below), if it does not please make sure the browser is allowing pop ups from Salesforce. 

Screen shot of CTI 4.03 pop up window

Please also read the following notes on the new adapter from Salesforce: 

COM communication now used to pass messages between Adapter and Internet Explorer. This is the same technology used in CTI-3.02. Unlike CTI-3.02, however, the COM communication is handled by the .NET framework. This adds significant robustness. 

Internet Explorer 8 64 bit supported for Win7 64 bit. Note: IE8 32 bit will not work with Win 7 64 bit. Win7 64 bit always ships with IE8 64 bit. This was the case for CTI-3.02 as well. 

Firefox and Chrome continue to use AJAX and web technologies to communicate with CTI adapter. Pop-up window used to maintain continuous connection with adapter. This eliminates the issues caused by page refreshes in CTI-4.02. 

Best Practices for shutting down the adapterIt is good practice to exit the adapter when you leave for the day because the adapter uses a regular network connection to communicate with the browser. A network disconnect might lead to an inconsistent state that could be a surprise the next morning. Remember to check you have Flexor set to run at Start-up (right click on the Flexor icon in the task tray to do this).  If you do not shut down your PC, please remember you will have to manually start Flexor again (this will also start the Salesforce CTI adapter).

To exit salesforce and the CTI adapter, follow these steps: 

Click the "Logout" link in Salesforce
If you are using Firefox or Chrome, wait a few moments for the pop-up to close. This is not needed for Internet Explorer 
Right click on the Flexor icon in the System Tray 
Click Exit  (this will exit Flexor and the Salesforce CTI adapter)

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