Salesforce CTI adapter 4

The Salesforce CTI adapter does not load after updating

After updating to Flexor 2.1.59 or newer the Salesforce adapter does not load in the browser and a Red mismatch error appears

CTI 4 adapter from Salesforce has a different architecture. The Call Center in Salesforce must be updated. 

Login to Salesforce as an Administrator and navigate to Setup, Customize, Call Center, Manage Call Centers and Import the new Call Center that has been copied to your PC's Flexor install directory e.g.:

C:\Program Files\Camrivox\Flexor Manager\2.1.nn\Call Center Setup\Call Center Defininition File

Where nn is the version number of Flexor. Remember to migrate the users who have updated Flexor from the old Call Center to the new one.

If you still see an error message in your browser when logged into Salesforce please send the error message and the Flexor install log to support. The Flexor Install log file (InstallLog) is found in: C:\Program Files\Camrivox\Flexor Manager\x.x.x. (where x.x.x. is the current version of Flexor).

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