How do I install the Prerequisite packages?

You want to install the Microsoft packages Flexor needs

Flexor relies on some Microsoft components to be on your PC. If they aren't already there, the installer program will try to download and install them.

In a small number of cases some users have found that their network set up does not allow this to happen and the installation can fail. 

Rather than create a larger single installation file that everyone has to download, even if they already have the necessary Microsoft elements installed, we have decided to publish links to the other components separately. The components required are Microsoft .net (2.0 or 3.5), Microsoft XML 6 (MSXML), Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools For Office 2nd edition (VSTO).

Please note Microsoft .net must be installed first. You can check if this (and the other components) are installed already using Microsoft Windows Add remove programs in Windows XP or Programs and features in Windows Vista. These can be accessed via the Control Panel of either version of Windows. Please note that Vista includes MSXML and .net, so the included versions may not appear in the installed Programs list.

Microsoft .net

Microsoft XML 6

Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition

Please see the following pages for standard Flexor installation assistance:

Getting started
User guide

Quick start guide

For further information on identifying the version of .net on your PC please see this article from Microsoft:

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