Flexor / Polycom device configuration menu is incomplete

Flexor Device configuration settings are not available

Flexor connects to your Polycom phone and makes some changes to the Application menu of the phone. If the Display name of the polycom phone is not set the connection between Flexor and the phone maybe incomplete or the phone may not permit Flexor to connect at all.

To check your Polycom Phones Display name is set navigate to the web interface of you Polycom phone by entering the IP address of the phone into the address bar of your browser. You maybe prompted to enter a username and password. The default username is Polycom and the default password is 456. If these are not accepted please contact the Administrator for your phones.

Once logged into the phones web interface, click on Lines and make sure the Display Name is set to something, for instance your extension number and submit the changes.

Alternatively, on the phone handset, press Menu, Then using the Arrow and Tick buttons on the phone navigate to: Settings, Advanced (you maybe asked for a password, the default is 456, see above), Admin Settings, Line Configuration, Select Line 1 and enter a display name if needed.

Please also make sure that if the option is available to you please turn off minimalist mode.

Please also check the following settings are set to defaults:

Line Label: 
Auto-answer Switchboard initiated calls: NO 
Line keys per registration: 2 
Show caller profile on phone (during incoming calls): NO 
Show caller profile on phone (during outgoing calls): NO 

We also recommend that where possible, fixed IP reservations be used for your phone and PC, if your DHCP server does not assign addresses based on MAC address.

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