Override Action URL setting?

What does this setting do?

This field allows you to set the IP address of your PC into the Action URL field of your snom phone. In normal operation you should not need to use this setting.

If the scan for devices option is used Flexor will configure itself with the IP address of your phone and your phone with your PCs LAN connection IP address in the Action URL fields. 

Flexor will adjust those settings automatically (if scan for devices was used to add your phone), even if they change due to new IP addresses being distributed by your networks DHCP server.

However if you need, you may use this field to override the IP address for your PC stored in the phones Action URL field. 

To override the automatic setting, click to tick the Override Action URL IP address field, enter the new IP address you require set into the Action URL field and click on the Save button.

To restore the automatic pairing, click to un-tick the Override Action URL box and click save again. Flexor will then reset the Action URL settings based on the IP address of your PCs LAN connection.

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