Extra numbers added to click to dial using Chrome

Click to dial from a record in Salesforce

If you are using Chrome and click to dial from a Salesforce record adds extra numbers to the number sent to your phone device, please make sure you have updated to at least version 2.1.134 of Flexor and confirm that the Flexor CTI adapter for Chrome has been updated to If it has not updated, please click on the Update extensions button.

**CRITICAL** Please note you MUST first exit then, DE-INSTALL the PREVIOUS version of Flexor (if installed) by using Windows Add Remove Programs (XP) or Programs & Features (Vista/7), then download and install the new version. This process should only take a few minutes, you will also need to exit Outlook and your web browser. De-installing Flexor will not remove your settings, as they are stored in the Windows Registry.

Please download the new release from the release notes page here.

In Chrome navigate to Customize and Control, Settings, Extensions or cut and paste the URL below in to Chrome to open the extension page: 


Chrome CTI adapter

If the Flexor CTI extension has not been added to chrome, please follow the steps in this FAQ.

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