Flexor CTI for NetSuite Questions?

Questions and answers for some basic issues - these apply to the legacy NetSuite bundle integration for instructions on Suite Talk click here

Why aren't there any click-to-dial buttons in NetSuite?

CTI is not configured for the NetSuite user, see User Setup

I'm not getting any contact matches

Script ID's may not be configured correctly, possibly no script execute permissions, see User Setup; also all record types switched off, see Settings and Preferences

Where are the journal entries?

Please see Settings and Preferences

My journal entries aren't being saved?

Time format may not be configured correctly, see User Setup

When I click-to-dial, it shows me multiple contacts?

This occurs if you have multiple contacts with the same a number a resolution will be implemented in a future release. 

The end time of the call has been entered as different from the start time but it only lasted a few                           seconds?

This is a limitation of NetSuite, requires setting: start time!=end time 

Please click on this link for the NetSuite guide.