Click to dial fails from Netsuite

A pop up warning appears after click to dial attempt from Netsuite

You have followed all the relevant administrator and user setup for Netsuite but when you try to click to dial from a record in Netsuite a pop up warning appears to let you know the attempt failed:

NetSuite could not connect to Camrivox Flexor Manager to dial

To resolve this problem, please check:
 °  Flexor Manager is running
 °  Your license for Flexor NetSuite integration is valid
 °  Refresh your NetSuite browser window and repeat the click-to-dial operation

If the problem persists, please contact your vendor for assistance.

There are a number of things to check.

Please check that the Flexor URL handlers are configured to use Flexor. Please see this FAQ.

Please check that the Netsuite URL shown in your browser window, for instance matches the NetSuite domain setting under Flexor Devices and Applications, Netsuite Integration, Account tab.

Please also check that security software on your PC is not blocking Flexor. In particular it has been reported that Rapport from Trusteer silently blocks Flexor. This can be confirmed by stopping Rapport and testing click to dial again.

The work around suggested by Trusteer is as follows:

Try disabling protection from unknown add-ons
1. Open the console (Start > Programs > Trusteer Rapport > Rapport console)
2. Click on the arrow icon to move to page 2
3. Click on "Edit policy" under the "Security Policy" widget
4. Insert the required characters
5. Change the setting next to "Block unknown browser add-ons" to "Never"
6. Click "Save"
7. Restart your browser

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