A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Warning

MS Visual C++ 2010 Setup Warning appears when trying to install Flexor

Camrivox uses the Microsoft Installer to install Flexor.  One of the things the installer does is check to see if the required software components are installed on the PC.

Unfortunately there is currently a problem with the Microsoft Installer that does not cope as it should when a newer C++ version is installed already on the PC. This does not affect all users as this version of C++ is not  automatically updated by the Microsoft automatic updates process. Microsoft have not yet fixed this issue with their installer. The work around Camrivox can provide is for the user to download a Zip file from Camrivox containing the MainInstaller and links to install the prerequisites. This ZIP can be downloaded from the Release Notes page for various releases of Flexor.

Once the zip has been downloaded, un-pack the zip and then check the other prerequisites are installed on the PC as appropriate depending on the PC's architecture 32 or 64 bit. If you are not sure what your PC architecture is view the Computer System properties in Windows Control Panel.

If you are installing from the zip due to the newer C++ warning do not install vcredist as this is the C++ installer.

If Flexor was already installed on the PC there should be no need to install the prerequisites again.

Once all the prerequisites are installed run MainInstaller.msi in the root folder of the expanded folders, not Setup.exe.

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