Converting Outlook CTI License to Login?

You have a license for Flexor but want to use the new Login system

With the release of Flexor 1.0.32, we have simplified the user experience so that all new licenses are now controlled with a simple login account, rather than a key. You no longer have to use a 40-digit license key, just remember the user ID and password you set. In conjunction with our newly released Flexor Account Portal, this means that controlling your license is quick and easy - allowing you to see other Flexor users within your organisation, invite colleagues to try Flexor, fast-track your support queries and register your interest for Flexor beta programs. Furthermore, you can trial and/or upgrade to Flexor CTI for CRM, all with the same account.

Whilst your existing Flexor CTI for Outlook license key will still work, as Flexor is continually enhanced with new features and updates - these will often require a login account, we recommend you convert to the new login account system in a few easy steps:

Register at the Flexor Account Portal

Add additional users to the account if required (each user must have a unique User ID, these cannot be shared across multiple users)

If you have not done so already, upgrade to version 1.0.32 or above of Flexor, either by 

1) the update option in Flexor or by 

2) downloading and installing from the Flexor Account Portal (remember to un-install the existing version first if you do this) 

Once installed run Flexor from Start > All Programs > Camrivox Flexor Software > Flexor Manager

If it does not run automatically, run the Flexor Welcome Wizard by right clicking the Flexor (f) icon in the Task Bar System Tray

After the connectivity check, Login using your new username 

If you already have a phone configured Un-check the tick box to scan for devices

Click complete to finish the Wizard. 

You will now be logged in to the new system.

Finally after conversion to the login system please email your license key to, so that we can confirm successful migration.

Please click on these links to the getting started guide or quick start guide for more detailed instructions and to the user guide for more help with Flexor configuration.

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