Installation tips

How to install Flexor Manager

If your user account profile on your PC has Administrator privileges you can download and run the installation as normal. 

If you have a limited privilege user account profile, please first install the software using an Administrator profile account on your PC but do not run Flexor. 

Once installed log into your limited user profile and then run Flexor for the first time. This will start the Welcome Wizard (unless Flexor has been previously installed on your PC), if the Welcome Wizard does not start, it can be run by right clicking on the Flexor (f) icon in the Task Bar System Tray and selecting Welcome Wizard. From there you can enter your login or validate your license and scan for phone devices.

Note that on subsequent reboots of your PC, the Flexor Manager will run automatically whenever you start Windows. For further guidance on Flexor Manager including instructions on adding dialling rules, please review the guide

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