Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed

If Click to dial attempt from Salesforce using Chrome causes Chrome to crash

This is because Chrome does not understand how to handle the "Flexor:" protocol and does not know that it should refer the protocol to an external application to handle it. Consequently it crashes. It does not know to refer the protocol because an entry (or sometimes an entire section) is missing from one of the Chrome configuration files. Normally Chrome prompts the user to allow the protocol. If it does not please find and edit the "local state" file as described below.

This file is located in the folder
C:\Documents and Settings\{WindowsUserName}\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data
C:\Users\{WindowsUserName}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

Replace {WindowsUserName} with whatever the logged in user is logged into Windows as.

The file is called "Local State"

Open the file with Notepad and search (F3) for "protocol_handler".

If it is found edit the protocol handler section adding the line
"flexor": false,

The last line of the section (as in the example below) should not have a comma at the end of it.

If the protocol handler section does not already exist, then the entire section needs to be added as below.

"protocol_handler": {
      "excluded_schemes": {
         "flexor": false

Chrome must not be running whilst you edit the local state file or the changes to the file will not save.

Save the file and restart Chrome and it should work.

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