Flexor Update fails

Flexor is removed after clicking Update

Camrivox provides regular updates to the Flexor application, when a new release is available your Flexor installation will prompt you to update to the latest version. Camrivox would always recommend updating to benefit from the latest improvements to Flexor. However some users have reported that the update removes Flexor completely from their PC.

The Flexor update process starts by removing the existing Flexor installation, then proceeds to download and install the new Flexor version. 

If the process is interrupted or the download halted after the update process has been initialised the result will be that Flexor is left un-installed.

If this does happen simply log into the Flexor Account portal and download the software and run the installation again. Alternatively download from here

We have also had some reports of the installation failing due to a country specific URL error for example the URL may include "NL" in the path. If this has happened and Flexor has been removed but not re-installed please download and install from one of the links above. This has now been rectified and will not reoccur.

Flexor will remember your previous settings and will not require set up.

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