Flexor Apex for Salesforce

The replacement for the Salesforce CTI adapter

Flexor Salesforce Apex integration, is our own integration which no longer needs the Salesforce CTI adapter on the users PC. Call notes and Call Control are managed via the Flexor Call Summary window. If you would like to try this and the option is not visible please contact support who can enable it for you.

It is only available for Salesforce Enterprise and above as API access is required, although it maybe possible to purchase API access for Professional Edition from Salesforce.
If you are logged into Salesforce, you can check your Salesforce edition under:
Then click the Administration setup link in the menu on the left.

If Camrivox support have had to enable the Flexor Apex option in Flexor Devices and Applications, once they have confirmed this has been enabled for you, please restart Flexor.

You will find the new Salesforce Apex option under Flexor Devices and Applications. If you click on this and then select Configure, you can enable the Flexor Salesforce Apex, under General, add your Salesforce username, password and Salesforce security token on the account tab and then save the changes. Flexor will then need to be restarted again.

To reset your Salesforce security token, when logged into Salesforce, at the top of the page, click the down arrow next to your Salesforce user name, then navigate as follows: Your Name | Setup | My Personal Information | Reset Security Token, and click the Reset My Security Token button. The new security token is sent via email to the email address on your Salesforce user record.

Flexor SFDC Apex Configuration

After the restart the Salesforce CTI adapter will be replaced by a Flexor logo when logged into Salesforce with either Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

Flexor SFDC Apex logo

If the Flexor Apex for Salesforce logo does not appear please check that the Flexor extension or add on (as appropriate depending on browser used) has installed in your browser and is enabled.

The screen shot below shows the Flexor Extension enabled in Chrome

Flexor extension enabled in Chrome

If you are using Chrome 32 or above you will need to allow the Flexor plug-in.

Chrome plug-ins

The screen shots below are for Firefox Add-ons & Plugins

Flexor add-ons for Firefox

Flexor plugin for Firefox

Screen shot below for IE Add-on

Flexor add-on for IE

You must also have followed the instructions here to import the Call Center in Salesforce to enable Click to Dial.

Please also make sure Flexor is set under the configure URL settings.

Click to dial from the record in Salesforce works as normal with the standard CTI adapter but notes on the call can now be made in the Flexor Call Summary window.
To use this, please make sure the Call Summary window is enabled under Flexor OnScreen, Options, Call Summary, Window Appearance.

You can also choose to leave the Call Summary window open after a call, by setting Close the summary to "Manually".

Flexor SFDC Apex Call Summary Configuration

If you need to change record association, use the icon with a red surround on the far right of the Call summary window when on a call (as in the screen shot below). This will associate the Call with the active record in the browser.

Call Disposition reasons can be selected from the drop down list (as seen in the screen shot below). Additional Call Disposition reasons can be added to the Call Summary window via OnScreen, Options, General, Disposition tab.

Flexor Call Summary SFDC Apex Use

Make notes on the call in the Journal field as in the screen shot above.

Alternatively, to open the Call activity page in Salesforce, click on "Switch to full journal form" in the Flexor Call Summary window. This should open a browser to the Call activity task. Please check which broswer you have set as the default in Windows as Flexor will attempt to open the page with your default browser.

Mouse over the icons whilst on a call to see what each one will do, for instance create a new record for the number. 

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