Attended transfer option for Asterisk server

Add a custom code to Flexor to enable attended transfer with Asterisk

As standard Flexor does not enable attended transfer for Asterisk. To test if this new feature is supported by your Asterisk environment, please first check that you have Flexor version 2.1.95 or above. If you do not, please update Flexor. You must first de-install the existing version from your PC using Windows Control Panel, Add Remove or Programs and Features. Then download and install the latest release of Flexor from the release notes page here.

Once you have updated Flexor, please navigate to Flexor OnScreen, Options, General settings, Miscellaneous tab and enter the following into the Customisations Codes field:


Save the change, exit and then restart Flexor and test to see if Attended transfer is now possible via the Flexor Call Summary window Call control features. 

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