Salesforce CTI adapter 4 Connect to Salesforce adapter message

A button appears in Salesforce where the CTI adapter should be

The button says "Connect to Salesforce adapter".

When you click on the button nothing happens. You may notice the browser displays a message saying "Waiting for localhost"

CTI 4 adapter from Salesforce has a different architecture. It requires access to the local PC loop back address: http://localhost:11000

If you receive an error or warning from your browser it indicates the adapter is being blocked by some element of your PC setup.

A possible solution is to check the "do not use proxy for local addresses" in Internet Options > Connections > Proxy settings. 

Also if you receive mixed content security warnings try enabling mixed content.

In Windows Control Panel, Internet Options go to Security tab -> Local Intranet 

Click "Custom Level"
Select "Enable" for "Display mixed content"
Click "OK"
Click "OK"

Please also add the Salesforce URL e.g. from your browser to Safe Sites. Depending on your region your url maybe different, for example: na1

If after restarting Flexor and your browser you still experience problems, look in the Salesforce CTI adapter browser connector log (right click on the Salesforce CTI adapter in the task tray and select logging to find the log file location, you may also need to increase logging level), if the log file shows:

11/27/2012 16:25:59: BrowserHttpListener.Start: Cannot start due to error 32
 Error message: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

In order to find out what is using port 11000 - you can use the following in a command prompt window: netstat -aon and look for a line like this example:

  TCP              LISTENING       4796

You can then use the Services tab of Windows Task Manager to find what process has PID 4796 (and kill it or close the application). An example of another application that can use the port is HTC sync software. 

If you are using Flexor Apex for Salesforce please also check that the Flexor extension or add on (as appropriate depending on browser used) has installed in your browser and is enabled.

If you still see an error message in your browser when logged into Salesforce please send the error message and the Flexor install log to support. The Flexor Install log file (InstallLog) is found in: C:\Program Files\Camrivox\Flexor Manager\x.x.x. (where x.x.x. is the current version of Flexor).

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