Adding users to your Flexor account

Login to the Flexor Portal to Manage additional users on your account

To add other Flexor users to your existing Flexor account and make use of the Presence features, login to the Flexor Portal.

To do this Right click on the Flexor icon in the bottom right of your PC's task tray (see the screen shot below).

Flexor login to portal

Mouse over your name in the menu that pops up, then Access Portal from the menu to the right of your name. This should open a browser and log you into the Portal.  

Then click on Manage Users
(see the screen shot below).

Portal Home screen

Then click on  Add Users
(see the screen shot below).

Add User

Then fill in the users name and other credentials 
(see the screen shot below). Note the red warning box if an error is detected. The password must be at least 8 characters and a mixture of letters and numbers. Once completed remember to click Add User.

Add user credentials

Once you have created new users, install Flexor on the new users PC and during the install when asked to Register or Login, select Login and enter the credentials you have just created via the Portal.

It is also now possible to add users to your Flexor account during the installation of Flexor on subsequent PC's using the administrator credentials on the license check screen of the getting started wizard.

Please see this FAQ on XMPP warning once you have added users if after exiting and restarting Flexor you see an XMPP warning in OnScreen.

An alternative way to the login to the Portal if you are not running Flexor on your PC is to click on the link to the Flexor Portal on the Camrivox Support page
(see the screen shot below) you will need to know your Flexor user ID (email address) and password.

Portal login link

You can also find a link to the Portal from the Flexor OnScreen under File
(see the screen shot below).

OnScreen Access Portal
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