PC and phone requirements?

What do you need to get running

PC operating system: 

Flexor runs on Microsoft Windows XP (sp2 or sp3), Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit) and Terminal Server 2008 R2, .NET 4.0 (if .NET is not already installed it will be added as part of the Flexor install). Flexor runs on Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 but does not have a live tile, so must be used in the desktop view.

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above (CTI for SalesForce 4.03 - available now in Flexor 2.1.100 and above, supports IE 8 & 9, FireFox 3.5+ and Chrome 10+). 

Flexor for Netsuite SuiteTalk now supports Chrome, Firefox & IE. 

Flexor for Dynamics now supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Phones / PBX's :

Snom phones: Flexor works with Snom 300 series (300, 320, 360, 370) phones ideally with Firmware 7.3.14 (7.3.30 is best) and above (some features and functions will not be available with older firmware) and Snom 800 Series phones, ideally with firmware 8.1.2 and above (currently Snom firmware 8.7.5.x and above do not support CSTA). The Snom M3 does not support Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) so will not work with Flexor Connect for Snom but will work if used as an extension on an Asterisk PBX with Flexor Connect for Asterisk. 

Please note the Snom firmware and above is supported by Flexor 2.1.144 and above.

Doro VoIP handsets: ip810c | ip820c | ip830c | ip840c.

Polycom VVX, SoundPoint IP 330/320, 430/450, 501, 560, 600, 601, 650, 670 desktop phones and SoundStation IP 4000, 6000, 7000 conference phones (Firmware or later is required).

Yealink T19, T20, T21, T22, T26, T28, T32, T38 phones - firmware x.73.x.40.   

T41, T42, T46 and T48 with x.73.x.45 firmware from Yealink.

For Asterisk users, Flexor has been tested on Asterisk 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 and integrates with Asterisk compatible SIP/IAX2 VOIP handsets and softphones. Please note that at present Flexor is not currently supported on: @COM Business Manager IP PBX, GrandStream IP-PBX or Digium Switchvox, as access to the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) is required by Flexor.

Skype versions 4.1 to 6.8

TAPI 2.x and 3.x compliant phone systems such as Allworx, Zultys and Avaya IP Office.


Flexor integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2003 (only up to version 2.0.49 of Flexor), from version 2.1.134 Flexor supports Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 (32 bit Office only), including Business Contact Manager for Outlook (not BCM History) and public contact & journal folders on Microsoft Exchange Server. 

For CRM users CTI is available for Salesforce Professional or above (not Group edition) Flexor Apex for Salesfore requires Enterprise edition or API access, Microsoft Dynamics version 4 & 2011/2013/2015/2016 (including hosted online) and all versions of NetSuite. Flexor has supported Dynamics 2011 since version 2.1.36 Flexor has supported Dynamics 2013 since version 2.1.124.

Please note Flexor Manager is not itself a soft phone. A compatible phone device / system is required. Please see above.

Please note Flexor is Windows PC only, there are currently no plans to support Mac's or Linux.

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