Flexor Mass Deployment Settings

Mass Deployment settings available with Flexor 2.1.92 onwards

This new feature allows the Flexor Account Administrator to remotely configure some of the user configurable options in Flexor, for example turning the Flexor Call Summary window On or Off by default.

There are 2 mass deployment setting areas on the Flexor Account Portal, one is for Company wide settings and the other is User specific. 

To deploy settings via the Portal, export the required Flexor settings from the Microsoft Registry using Microsoft Registry Editor "regedit". 

Run "regedit" and navigate to the following key: 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Camrivox Ltd


Then navigate to the sub section that you wish to export elements from. Please note if you export the entire Flexor registry settings this will include User specific settings such as phone device etc.  Remember that each Flexor user must have their own login.

To export the settings Right click on the sub section and select "Export" and save the file to your PC.  

**** Make sure you Save the file as a .reg (Registration) file

**** Once exported make sure "Software" in the path is not all in uppercase ****

Remember to take a backup of your registry settings before making any changes using "regedit". 

You can then edit the exported file with a text editor, such as notepad, so that you are just left with the settings you wish to deploy via the Flexor Portal. 


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Camrivox Ltd\Flexor] 
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Camrivox Ltd\OnScreen\CallSummary] 

Once you have the settings ready to upload, log into the Flexor portal as an Administrator for the account. 

To change company wide settings, click on "Change company wide deployment settings" button located on the Home page.

Portal company deployment

Copy the registry settings text from your prepared registry settings file using cut and paste, to the company wide window and click "Update".

Deployment settings

Please Note you must make sure there is a Carriage Return at the end of each line.

The same process can be used for user specific settings. The button for user settings is available under Manage Users.

User deployment

You have to be logged into the Flexor account portal as an account administrator to see the buttons. Click on this link to see how to login to the Flexor Account Portal.

The settings get overwritten to the registry as Flexor logs in on the users PC, so the saved settings are there in the registry from the last time Flexor was used on the PC, they are overwritten with Company wide and they are overwritten with User specific. Whatever the value is after that is loaded by Flexor.

The following FAQ describes how to use Mass Deployment to set phone device advanced rules.

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