Unresponsive phone

Description of Problem

On some phones running snom firmware 7.3.7 and newer, the phone can become unresponsive and even reboot, when using Flexor Call Control features e.g. putting a call on hold (from the Flexor Call summary window). This issue has been resolved by firmware 7.3.30.



Setting the snom phone with an HTTP Server User name and Password, can result in the phone becoming unstable, if the user ends a call or puts a call on hold, using the Flexor Call control features. Current advise from snom regarding this, is to remove the HTTP Server User name and password.

Alternatively update your firmware to 7.3.30.

The instructions for changing your phone configuration are as follows:

  1. Identify the IP address of your phone.
  2. Go to the Advanced settings web page of your phone.
  3. Remove the User name and Password, save the changes.
  4. Remove the phone from Flexor Devices and applications.
  5. Add the phone via Flexor Devices and applications.

Identify the IP address of your Snom phone

You can identify the IP address from your phone by:

Go to the Advanced > Qos / Security web page of your phone

Open a web browser and enter the URL of your phone. The URL will be the IP Address of your phone. You can find out the IP Address from the menu on your phone as per the instructions above. Then select the Advanced option from the menu on the left hand side of the screen, then the Qos/Security tab from the top of the screen. Then delete the characters in the HTTP Server User and Password fields and save the changes with the Save button at the bottom of the screen:

Snom security settings

Example of Snom web interface pages

Add / Remove the phone from Flexor Manager

You now need to delete the phone from Flexor and add it again (if you had already added it) or just add (skip to 4th bullet point), if you hadn't:

You can review the user guide for more detailed instructions on adding and removing devices from Flexor here: The Devices and Application window.

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