Snom phone security settings

Description of Problem

Snom has provided enhanced security features that, depending on the topology of the network you have, may not be necessary for normal use of the phone. The enhanced security settings may make the phone invisible (device not found / unable to detect) to the scan by Flexor or otherwise interfere with setup or operation. 



If you are experiencing difficulty adding or configuring snom phones in Flexor and your local area network is already behind a firewall device, for example; your wide area network router that connects to the Internet often provides firewalling, then to confirm that the phone & Flexor can contact each other please implement the suggested security settings detailed below on your snom phone.

The instructions for changing your phone configuration are as follows:

  1. Identify the IP address of your phone.
  2. Go to the Advanced settings web page of your phone.
  3. Make the suggested changes, save the changes.
  4. Remove the phone from Flexor Devices and applications (if it has been added).
  5. Add the phone via Flexor Devices and applications.
  6. Make sure you are using the HTTP Server credentials for your phone
  7. Confirm your PCs firewall has exceptions for Flexor if required.
  8. Make sure the settings changes are retained, a user has reported their phone returned to User mode.
  9. Please note Flexor connects to the phone on the standard HTTP & HTTPS ports: 80 & 443. You can check the ports on the phone under Advanced, Network, Webserver connection type.

Identify the IP address of your Snom phone

You can identify the IP address from your phone by:

Go to the Advanced > Qos / Security web page of your phone

Open a web browser and enter the URL of your phone. The URL will be the IP Address of your phone. You can find out the IP Address from the menu on your phone as per the instructions above. 

Then select the Advanced option from the menu on the left hand side of the screen, then the Qos/Security tab from the top of the screen. 

Required settings:

Ignore security advices - on

Use hidden tags - off

Allow CSTA control - on

Administrator mode - on

Set credentials (Username and Password) for the HTTP server

Save the changes with the Save button at the bottom of the screen:

snom security page screen shot

Example of Snom web interface pages

Add / Remove the phone from Flexor Manager

You now need to delete the phone from Flexor and add it again (if you had already added it) or just add (skip to 4th bullet point), if you hadn't:

You can review the user guide for more detailed instructions on adding and removing devices from Flexor here: Click here for The Devices and Application window guide.

If you are still unable to detect your phone please read this advice on Network requirements and confirm your PCs firewall allows traffic from your phone to your PC: Click here for Firewall advice

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