Upgrading your Snom firmware

Description of Problem

If you want to take full advantage of all Camrivox's CTI features, you need to have a recent version of firmware on your Snom phone. If your version is before 7.3, then you will be missing functionality (the call control buttons in the Flexor Call Summary will be greyed out etc.), and need to upgrade if you require the additional functionality e.g. putting a call on hold from the Flexor Call Summary window. 

snom firmware 7.3 branch, introduces support of CSTA (Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications) : http://wiki.snom.com/CSTA

Please note this new snom firmware also introduces an optional HTTP server Username & Password automatic recommendation for your snom phone, that if set can interfere with communication between your snom phone & Flexor. Current advise from snom is to not set this Username & Password unless the additional security is required. Please see the advice on snom security settings here.



These instructions for upgrading your phone firmware are as follows:

  1. Identify the model number of your phone (eg. Snom 370, 360, 320 etc).
  2. Identify the version of firmware on your phone e.g. 6.5.18.
  3. Go to the software update web page of your phone.
  4. Perform the firmware upgrade from the appropriate URL.

Identify the model number and firmware of your Snom phone

You can identify the model number of your phone in two ways:

Go to the software update web page of your phone

Open a web browser and enter the URL of your phone. The URL will be the IP Address of your phone. You can find out the IP Address from the menu on your phone. Alternatively Right click on the Flexor icon in the task tray of your PC (usually in the bottom right of the screen) and select Devices and Applications. Double click on your phone in the Devices section and your web browser will open on the web interface of your phone.

Screenshot of firmware update web page

Example of Snom firmware update web page

Perform the firmware upgrade from the appropriate URL

You now need to enter the URL of your new firmware into the web page shown above. The URL depends on the model of your phone. Use the link below to the Snom website to determine the URL for your phone, please follow the steps recommended by snom for your phone.


You can cut-and-paste the link to the correct firmware for your phone from the Snom website into the Snom phone's web page. Then click on Load and follow the normal Snom firmware update procedure and instructions. Ideally please upgrade to at least 7.3.30

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