Flexor warns Salesforce Apex failed to login

Description of Problem

Flexor displays a warning message that states Flexor Salesforce Apex failed to login. Please go to Devices and Applications and check your credentials for the Salesforce Apex Integration Plugin.

Salesforce Apex failed to login



Flexor is running and the Flexor Call Summary appears but does not lookup matching records, or log calls.

Flexor logo present in Salesforce 

When logged into Salesforce the Flexor logo appears (as in the screen shot below). 

Flexor logo Apex for Salesforce

Flexor Apex for Salesforce logo

The Flexor Call Summary window appears

The Call Summary appears during calls but does not search for matching records and does not log calls.

Call Summary Salesforce Apex Login Failed

Screen shot Flexor Call Summary window

Update your Salesforce login credentials in Flexor

Navigate to Flexor Devices and Applications, Salesforce Apex Integration and update your Salesforce login credentials (see the screen shot below). Remember to click Test Login and if successful, Save the changes.

Flexor Apex for Salesforce credentials

From Flexor version 2.1.137 clicking OK on the login failed warning message will open the Flexor Salesforce Apex Account Configuration screen.


This will occur if you, or your Salesforce administrator changes your Salesforce login credentials, or the way you login to Salesforce (for instance switching to not using Security Tokens). 

You may have have changed your password for Salesforce and if you also use Security tokens, the token will also have been changed automatically and emailed to you by Salesforce. Check your email for an email from Salesforce containing your new Security token, it will be a random string of letters and numbers. Note that the email will advise you to add your password and the token together in the password window. Do not do this in Flexor Apex for Salesforce, enter your password in the password field and the security token in the security token field.

If your Salesforce login credentials are changed you must update them all in Flexor as well, otherwise the Flexor integration with Salesforce will stop functioning. 

If this does not resolve the issue please contact support.

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