Flexor Manager - Salesforce addin errors

Description of Problem

The article describes a conflict between two Salesforce products:

Both applications are provided by Salesforce, although the Salesforce CTI adaptor is also shipped as part of Camrivox's Flexor Manager.

The most recent version of the Connect for Microsoft Outlook application (3.2.501) introduces a conflict with some versions of the Salesforce CTI adaptor. Please see the Note on this Salesforce page:


The symptoms of the conflict vary depending on which application was installed most recently.



Two errors have been reported. Either Outlook reports a label not found error or the Softphone fails to load with a Runtime error, when accessing Salesforce in Microsoft Explorer.

Microsoft Explorer / Salesforce Softphone error

If the Salesforce Outlook Addin is installed/updated after the Flexor Manager, the Flexor Manager will not function and report an error indicating that it has terminated abnormally, see screenshot below:

CTI connector run time error screen shot

Salesforce CTI runtime error

Outlook error message

If the Flexor Manager is installed/updated after the Outlook Addin, the Outlook Addin will not function and report an error indicating a label was not found, see screen shots below:

Outlook label not found error screen shot

Email button error screen shot

Screenshots of Outlook errors

Upgrade Flexor

Camrivox has developed a new version of Flexor that overcomes this issue. To upgrade to this version please follow the instructions here:

Upgrading Flexor

Uninstall/remove the 3.2.501 software version

Camrivox has developed the new version mentioned above to resolve the issue. If you need to downgrade the Salesforce Connect for Microsoft Outlook application to the previous version, for your convenience, a link to the application is given below. You simply need to uninstall the previous version of the Salesforce Connector for Outlook from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features in Vista) and click on the link below to download. Then repair the Flexor installation by right clicking on the Flexor icon in the task tray and selecting update, followed by repair.

Salesforce Connect for Outlook

Additional information

For completeness, the details of the problem are that Salesforce include a copy of a DLL called SF_msapi4.dll in both applications. Unfortunately, the two copies of these files are incompatible versions, and whichever was installed last will be the one that is used by both applications. The application to which the DLL is foreign will cease to work. Salesforce are also continuing to work on this and may release another version of the Outlook Connector.

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