Flexor Apex for Salesforce CTI logo not loading in Internet Explorer 11 

Description of Problem

The Flexor CTI by Camrivox logo does not load in the browser correctly, click to dial does not work.



Using IE 11 and Flexor Apex for Salesforce, the Flexor CTI by Camrivox logo does not load in the browser when logged into Salesforce.

Flexor CTI by Camrivox not present in Salesforce 

When logged into Salesforce the Flexor Apex CTI logo does not appear (as in the screen shot below) and click to dial is not enabled.

Firefox 32 Connect CTI adapter

Flexor Apex CTI logo not present in IE 

Check the Flexor add-on for IE is installed and enabled.

In IE, navigate to Tools (Gear wheel icon - keyboard Shortcut: Alt-X), then Manage add-ons . 

IE 11 Manage add ons

There should be a Flexor CTI Extension and it should be enabled.

Flexor CTI add on for IE

Check Display Mixed Content Is Enabled

If you receive mixed content security warnings try enabling mixed content.

In Windows Control Panel, Internet Options go to Security tab -> Local Intranet

Click "Custom Level"
Select "Enable" for "Display mixed content"
Click "OK"
Click "OK"

 Enable Display Mixed Content

Screen shot of IE Security Settings menu

Check Compatibility View Settings

Microsoft has introduced Compatibility View options to IE.

In IE navigate to Tools
Compatibility View

IE Tools menu

If Salesforce.com has been added please remove it by clicking Remove, then Close.

Then restart Flexor and IE nad test again.

Remove site from compatibility view

Check the Flexor logo appears

Please see the example screen shot below.

Flexor CTI Logo

If the logo does not appear please test with one of the other supported browsers; Chrome or Firefox. You can also try updating Flexor to the latest build.

If this does not resolve the issue please review the other Salesforce FAQ's or contact support.

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