CTI Toolkit End of Support by Salesforce

Flexor Apex for Salesforce

Camrivox has for some time had its own integration into Salesforce - Flexor Apex for Salesforce that uses the standard Salesforce developers API which is still supported and developed by Salesforce. It works with Salesforce Enterprise and above, or Professional edition if the customer purchases API access from Salesforce.

Switching to Flexor Apex for Salesforce 

If your organisation is using Salesforce Enterprise or above, or has purchased API access, if you have not done so already, Camrivox recommends making the switch to using Flexor Apex for Salesforce. If Flexor users switch to Flexor Apex for Salesforce, or are already using it, they will be un-affected by the Salesforce end of support announcement for the Salesforce CTI adapter.

Please see the following section of the user guide for information on configuring Flexor Apex for Salesforce

We would also suggest updating Flexor, if you haven't already to at least version 2.1.145

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