Flexor CTI Extension not loaded in Chrome

Description of Problem

From Flexor version 2.1.129, the Flexor Apex for Salesforce CTI extension for Chrome is now added from the Google Chrome Web Store during the installation of Flexor. Note this does not apply to earlier versions of Flexor.

In some instances this automated installation may not be successful with a result that instead of the Flexor logo appearing in the side bar when the user is logged into Salesforce there is a button that says Connect CTI Adapter and click to dial will not work.

Please first update to the latest version of Flexor from the Release Notes page (unless you have already been given a specific version by support).



If the Flexor logo does not appear in Salesforce, Flexor click to dial will not function.

Flexor logo missing from Salesforce 

When logged into Salesforce the Flexor logo will not appear, in its place there will be a Connect CTI Adapter button. Depending on the Edition of Salesforce, version of Flexor and if Flexor Apex for Salesforce is being used or not, there can also be other causes for this symptom. If you are not using Flexor 2.1.129 or above, or you are not using Flexor Apex for Salesforce please review the other FAQ's.

Connect CTI Adapter message

Flexor logo missing from Salesforce CTI

Flexor CTI missing from Chrome Extensions

If the Flexor Manager CTI extension has not installed correctly it will not be visible in Chrome Extensions. Navigate to Chrome Settings, Extensions to check.

Chrome Extension Missing

Screen shot of Chrome Extensions page with Flexor CTI not present

Exit and Restart Chrome

Sometimes exiting and restarting Chrome may resolve the problem, if this has not been done since installing Flexor. Ideally Chrome should not be running during installation of Flexor. Also a message may appear asking for Permission to Add the extension, this must be permitted.

Add the Flexor CTI Extension manually

Enter the following URL into Chrome (or click on the link below): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flexor-cti-extension-2/njjkgbhnpmhcafoochagpelemahdcjib


Then click on the blue button labelled + Add To Chrome (as shown in the screen shot below). 

Add Flexor CTI 2 to Chrome

Then click Add on the window that appears next.

Confirm Add Extension

A message should appear confirming the extension has been added.

Extension Added

Additional information

Once the extension has been added, it should appear in Chrome under Settings, Extensions and should be enabled. The version of Chrome extension you install may be different from the one in the screen shot below and may not match the version of Flexor. 

Chrome Extension Enabled

And after refreshing the Salesforce page, the Flexor logo should appear in Salesforce.

Flexor CTI logo

If this does not resolve the issue please review the other Salesforce FAQ's or contact support.

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