Flexor CTI for Outlook - Troubleshooting Outlook start-up

Description of Problem

Sometimes Outlook has problems working with add-ins. Camrivox has worked hard to ensure its software installs and works without problem. However, on occasion, problems occur and extra information is needed to resolve the situation. If you find that the Camrivox Flexor Options does not appear under Outlook's Tools menu please review the information on this page.

Please first check in Microsoft Outlook that the Flexor Addin is enabled and has not been disabled. Then check to make sure Outlook was not loaded silently in background before Flexor. To do this please follow the instructions relevant to your version of Outlook below.

Outlook 2003

For Outlook 2003 check in Outlook under Help > About Microsoft Outlook > Disabled Items. If Addin:camrivoxoutlookaddin does appear (as in the 2nd screen shot below) please select and enable. Outlook will need to be restarted.

Screen shot of Outlook About

Disabled items screen shot

Screen shot of Outlook disabled items

Also make sure that the Camrivox Outlook Addin is selected. Check in Outlook under Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > COM Add-Ins.

Outlook options

Outlook advanced options

Outlook COM add-ins

Outlook 2007

For Outlook 2007 please check in the Trust Centre. This is found in Outlook 2007, under Tools > Trust Center. Make sure that CamrivoxOutlookAddin appears in Active Application Add-ins and not in Disabled Application Add-ins. Use the Manage drop down list box to select COM Add-ins or Disabled items. Make sure the CamrivoxOutlookAddin is ticked (enabled) in COM Add-in management and not disabled in the Disabled items. If it is simply select and press enable. Outlook will need to be restarted if the Camrivox add in was disabled. Please see the screen shots below.

Outlook trust centre screen shot

Outlook 2007 Com addins

Outlook Disabled Items

Outlook loads in background on start-up

Under certain circumstances Outlook can be partially loaded in background during Windows boot up by another application (Activesync for example), if this happens before Flexor has started, it can prevent Outlook addins from running. It will not always be apparent this has happened as Outlook will not have loaded as far as the user is concerned.

If Flexor appears in the Com Add-Ins as described in the sections above and is not in the Disabled Items but still is not loading into the Outlook Tools menu, please restart your PC. Once it has fully rebooted check in the Task Manager to see if Outlook process is already running (see the section below - Closing Outlook, for instructions on how to use Task Manager). If you find that Outlook appears to be running, end the Outlook process and then start Outlook and check that Flexor is now available under Outlook Tools menu. 

Additional diagnostic steps

By default Outlook doesn't provide information to help troubleshoot these problems. Instead it silently disables the add-in. The remainder of this article describes how to turn on the extra diagnostic information that is built-in to Outlook if the steps above have not helped resolve the issue.


The steps are as follows:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Using the Flexor Manager; enable VSTO Diagnostics.
  3. Restart Outlook.
  4. Capture any diagnostic information that is presented.
  5. Email the information to support.

Closing Outlook

First you must close Outlook. Sometimes Outlook does not close down completely, so you can launch the Windows Task Manager to check. You do this by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del. If there is not a process called outlook.exe, then all is OK. However, if there is an outlook.exe process, then Outlook has not been fully closed. You can end the process by right-clicking on the entry, and selecting End Process Tree.

Screenshot of Windows Task Manager window

A view of the Windows Task Manager showing that an Outlook process is still running

Enabling VSTO Diagnostics

Now you need to enable VSTO diagnostics (Visual Studio Tools for Office). The Flexor Manager can do this for you, so make sure it is running. You must begin by going to the Applications and Devices window (from the right-click menu on the Flexor system tray icon):

Screenshot of Applications and Devices window

The Applications and Devices window, showing Outlook

Double-clicking on the Outlook icon will open the following window:

Screenshot of Outlook configuration window

The configuration window for enabling VSTO diagnostics

In this window change the VSTO Diagnostics status to Enabled. You may now close this window.

Restart Outlook

Now you should restart Outlook. If there is a problem during start-up, Outlook will report it with the following window:

Screenshot of Outlook diagnostic window

The Outlook diagnostic window (unexpanded view)

Now you need to click on the Details option to get all the available information:

Screenshot of Outlook diagnostic window

The Outlook diagnostic window (detailed view)

As shown in the example above; it is possible to highlight all of the text in the detailed view.

Capturing the Diagnostic Information

You can copy the text from the diagnostic window shown previously, and paste it into an email or web form. Make sure that you include all of the text, or as much information as possible. Then send the information to your support provider.

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