Flexor Manager - Use on Flexor 151 and 500 hardware

Description of Problem

The Flexor 151 ATA and the Flexor 500 IP Phone come with Camrivox's Voice Connect software application. The Voice Connect application is now a discontinued product and has been replaced by the Flexor Manager, and this article provides instructions on how to upgrade. The upgrade is free for users who have purchased hardware.

Note: When you use the Flexor Manager software with Flexor 151 or 500 hardware, you should contact your reseller for support.



The steps described in this article are as follows:

  1. Exit from the Voice Connection application (if you have it running).
  2. Uninstall the Voice Connect application.
  3. Install the Flexor Manager software.
  4. Enter the appropriate Bundle Key for enabling the Flexor 151 and 500 functionality.

Uninstall the Voice Connect application

If you already have the Voice Connect application installed, it must be removed before installing the Flexor Manager. The steps to uninstall are as follows:

Install the Flexor Manager software

Installing the Flexor Manager is straightforward. It can be downloaded from the following link:


For detailed help on the installation process please refer to the Installation Guide. However, you should read the whole of this article before proceeding as it describes what you should do when asked for a bundle key.

Further information is also available in the Quick Start Guide.

Entering the Bundle Key

As described in the Quick Start Guide, you will be asked to enter a License Key also known as a Bundle Key. The license key that you should use is as follows, and you can cut-and-paste it from this web page into the Flexor Manager software:


The key above will entitle you to use:

After installing the software and entering the bundle key, you should may sure you have added your Phone or ATA to the Flexor Manager so that it can interact with the system.

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