Port 4052 is unavailable

Description of Reported Problem

From Flexor version 2.1.136, if Port 4052 is not available for Flexor to use, a warning message will appear on your PC stating that Port 4052 is unavailable. 

Port 4052 warning


Check if Flexor is already running, or another application is using the Port

** If Flexor is already running and is then run again, the new Flexor process will attempt to exit the existing process, sometimes this may not happen quickly enough, with the result that it is the previous instance of Flexor still using Port 4052. Check first to see if Flexor is already running using Windows Task Manager, Processes tab. **

If Flexor is running more than once, select the Flexor process in Task Manager one by one and click "End Task" until Flexor is no longer running and then restart Flexor.

Task Manager Flexor Process

In normal use please always exit Flexor correctly by using the exit option found by right clicking the Flexor task tray icon or from the Flexor OnScreen, File menu.

Once you have checked to make sure Flexor is not running more than once, you can use the "netstat" command line tool in a Windows command prompt window (type CMD in Windows Search Programs & Files to bring up a command prompt window) to find out which application is using port 4052, enter the following command in a command prompt window:

netstat -aon

and look for a line like this example:


Netstat example

You can then use the Services tab of Windows Task Manager to find what process has PID 15004 (and see if it is Flexor or another application). 

Task Manager

If required it is possible to change the Port being used, in Flexor Manager navigate to Flexor OnScreen, Options, General settings, Network tab (screen shot below). If you know a Port number which is available on your PC, select User Specified and enter the Port number. Alternatively select Automatic port for Terminal server. This will cause Flexor to pick a high port number.

General settings Network

Then Save the change and exit and restart Flexor. 

If this does not resolve the issue please contact support.

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