Flexor Manager - Network Requirements

Description of Problem

The Camrivox Flexor software needs to run on a PC with networking for the following reasons:

Sometimes the software is blocked by corporate network policies, so this article describes the requirements of the software so that a System Administrator can add rules to allow correct operation.



The Flexor Manager needs to be able to access https://portal.camrivox.com and https://uc.camrivox.com so that it can check your software license. To verify that you have access to the servers, you can try the following URL's on the PC that is running the Camrivox Flexor software:



If it works you should see a message saying "you can see portal.camrivox.com on this PC" and the Camrivox Portal home page. If you get an error message then you may need to change the configuration of your PC or your Firewall to enable access. The PC uses HTTPS so you will need to allow TCP port 443 through any firewalls.

Sometimes companies wish to restrict employee access to the Internet. In this situation, the firewall rule could be minimally extended to only include the above URL and TCP port.

Flexor also needs access to our hosted Presence server. If you see an XMPP warning message in the Flexor OnScreen, please review the XMPP warning FAQ.

LAN access to Phones

The Flexor Manager also needs access to your VoIP phone; and the phone also needs access back to the PC. First you should check IP connectivity between the PC and the Phone. Check you can IP ping from the PC to the Phone; and that you can access the web page of the phone.

Separate LANs for Phones and PCs

Connecting from the PC to the Phone is normally not a problem because they are usually on the same LAN. But sometimes, there are two separate LANs, one for phone (voice traffic), and one for PCs (data traffic). In this situation you need to have an IP route between the two LANs. Your System Administrator may need to modify your network configuration to connect the two LANs in this way.

You may also have a restricted connection (via a firewall) between the two LANs. In this sutation, you will need to open up certain ports between the LANs. The following ports are required by the CTI application:

Note; it is important that the phone can initiate access to the PC. Just because the PC can get to the web page of the phone does not necessarily mean the phone can access the PC. This can sometimes be a problem if you have a NAT router between your PC and phone networks.

Further information can be found in a related article covering trouble-shooting networking between your PC and phone.

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