Flexor Manager - Apparent memory usage

Description of Reported Problem

The Microsoft Windows Task Manager can appear to report Camrivox Flexor software memory usage as several thousand kilobytes. 


Camrivox Flexor Manager relies on Microsoft .NET. Sometimes the Flexor Manager process is reported by Windows Task Manager as utilising upward of 30,000k. However, this can be misleading because the memory used by the .NET framework itself can be incorrectly reported against processes that use it. 

It is an industry recognised issue that Windows Task Manager does not accurately report .NET memory usage.

What Task Manager reports is called the Working Set. This is the amount of physical RAM allocated to the process. To complicate matters, some of the memory in the Working Set may be shared with other processes, including parts of the .NET runtime. Therefore, there is misreporting in Task Manager’s Mem usage column. Windows may also allocate additional memory to the process in case it may be needed later. For these reasons, the Working Set may overstate the real memory requirements of the application.

Windows generally does a good job of memory management. High figures in Task Manager need not concern the user if the system is running well. Overall this is generally not too important on modern systems with plenty of RAM.

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