Installing Flexor via Microsoft GPO

Description of Reported Problem

Network administrator wishes to roll out Flexor to multiple PC's via Group Policy. 


Flexor Manager can be installed via Group Policy. Please note these steps are provided as an example only. Camrivox does not provide support for domain administration.

The MSI required to install via GPO can be downloaded from the Release Notes page by downloading and un-packing the ZIP

The following steps apply to Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise. You must refer to appropriate manufactures documentation:

  1. Create directory Folders called Software Installations\Flexor on the server machine, Share it and give Everyone read access to that folder.
  2. Copy the MainInstaller.msi file to that directory.
  3. Go to Group Policy Management and Create a new GPO Policy Object called "Flexor Installation GPO
  4. Right-Click on that GPO and Click Edit
  5. Under Computer Configuration Settings in the left pane, Navigate down to Software Installation (Computer Config > Policies > Software Settings > Software Installation)
  6. Right-Click on Software Installation and Click on Properties, Under the General Tab make sure Assign and Basic options are selected. (This ensures that Flexor is installed when the user starts up and logs into that machine)
  7. Right-Click on Software Installation and Click New then Select package 
  8. Using network path Navigate to the folder where you have the MainInstaller.msi file e.g (\\DomainName\Software Installation\Flexor\MainInstaller.msi) and Click OK.
  9. Link the newly created GPO to the relevant Group of Computers. 
  10. Done.

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