Flexor Manager appears to prevent normal use of Google Drive / Docs

Description of Reported Problem

When Flexor and the associated Flexor extension is running in the browser, some of the Google Doc options are no longer available, such as renaming. 


Flexor Manager installs add ons or extensions into web browsers as part of it's integration with supported CRM applications. In some cases with earlier versions of Flexor this can interfere with the normal operation of some features in Google Docs / Drive.

This issue has been resolved with the release of Flexor version 2.1.129. To update Flexor you MUST first de-install the existing version of Flexor via Add Remove Programs or Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel before installing the latest version of Flexor from the release notes page. Failure to do this will corrupt your Flexor installation. De-installing Flexor does not remove your Flexor settings as these are stored in the Microsoft Registry. 

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