Phone extension configuration

Check you have correctly set up your extension

Flexor phone device Internal Extension configuration is made in 3 places.

The first is under the basic device configuration, this is found by selecting your device under Flexor Devices and Applications, Devices and then selecting Country settings from the Common tasks menu on the left. Alternatively you can select your device under Flexor Devices and Applications, Devices and then Right click and select Configure from the sub menu.

The Length of the Internal Extension (as seen in the screen shot below) is used in combination with the Prefix for an Outside Line setting. If you need a Prefix for an Outside line (such as 9 in the example below), you can then set the length of internal extension setting to match the number of digits in your internal extension number. This means in the example below Flexor will not try and add a 9 to numbers with only 4 digits in them (3123 for example). So you can click to dial a colleagues internal extension using Flexor and it will not add a 9 and dial incorrectly.

You also need to set your Country code correctly on this screen.

Device configuration

The Advanced settings option available on the Dialing rules configuration lets you configure your Internal Extension range (amongst other things), so that you can then set Flexor to not journal internal calls. Click on New to create a new rule, then click on the new rule to edit it. Give the rule a descriptive name in the Name field, such as Internal. Then set the number range by inputting the first digit of your extension (3 in the example below) and then the number of digits in the extension number (4 in the example below). Remember to click on Apply to save the rule. 

Advanced settings Internal calls

Flexor can then be set to not journal Internal calls by de-selecting the "Journal internal calls" option found under Flexor OnScreen, Options, Journaling Configuration (see the screen shot below).

Journal internal calls

If you are receiving a warning from Flexor that some phone entries on your Contact card need updating, you can click on the Notification to open the Manage phone number screen.

Contact card notification

Alternatively navigate to "Manage Phone Numbers" under Flexor OnScreen, Options. Click on the Incomplete entry to edit the Phone information that is displayed to your colleagues in the Flexor OnScreen window. Set the Type for instance Desk or Cell, of phone device from the drop down list (Soft phone in the example below). Then click the Add button and set Internal, External or Notset from the Type drop down list. Then enter your extension number into the Number field (3123 in the example below). Remember to click Save.

Manage phone numbers

If you have multiple Incomplete entries (this can happen if you have deleted and re-added your phone device) just Right click on an un-needed entry to Remove it.

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