Flexor Manager - Upgrading to a Beta software version

Description of Problem

Sometimes it is necessary to upgrade to a newer version of Camrivox's software. This is usually to try out new functionality before its full release. Upgrading to the latest software does not happen automatically, like it does with a normal upgrade. This article describes the update procedure.



The steps described in this article are as follows:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Exit from the Flexor Manager.
  3. Uninstall/remove the old software version.
  4. Download and run the installer for the new version.
  5. Restart the Flexor Manager.

Close Outlook

First you must close Outlook. Sometimes Outlook does not close down completely, so you can launch the Windows Task Manager to check. You do this by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del. If there is not a process called outlook.exe, then all is ok. However, if there is an outlook.exe process, then Outlook has not been fully closed. You can end the process by right-clicking on the entry, and selecting End Process Tree.

Screenshot of Windows Task Manager window

A view of the Windows Task Manager showing that an Outlook process is still running

Exit from the Flexor Manager

Before installing the new software you must also exit from the Flexor Manager. This is a simple case of right-clicking on the Flexor Manager icon and selecting Exit or File and Exit from the Flexor OnScreen window:

Screenshot of Flexor Manager system tray menu

Screenshot of Flexor Manager system tray menu

Uninstall/remove the old software version

Now you should remove the old software from the Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features (depending on your version of Windows) window which is on the Control Panel under the Start menu:

Screenshot of Removing the Flexor Manager software

Screenshot of Removing the Flexor Manager software

Download and run the installer for the new version

Downloading the Installer

You may have been provided with a URL for downloading a specific version of the Beta software. If you have been provided a URL, it is important to use that URL. Otherwise, you can download the latest software by clicking the link below:


Release notes and links to previous versions here

Running the Installer

When the download is complete, you will be asked by Windows if you wish to Save or Run the file. 

When you run the installer you will be asked a series of question which are the same as when you originally installed the software. Answer the questions in the same way that you originally answered the questions. For more help you can follow this link for instructions on installing the Flexor Manager.

Restart the Flexor Manager

If Flexor does not automatically restart, follow this link for instructions on running the Flexor Manager.

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