Flexor Manager - Activating software diagnostics

Description of Problem

Camrivox Flexor Manager has built-in diagnostics that can be used to isolate bugs in the software. If you encounter a problem using Flexor Manager, you can help our support team by providing a diagnostic trace with your report.



The steps described in this article are as follows:

  1. Activate the diagnostic tracing
  2. Reproduce the problem
  3. Save the diagnostic trace to a file
  4. Email the information to support.

Activate the diagnostic tracing

Control of the diagnostic tracing is incorporated into the Flexor Manager About window. To open this, select About from the right-click menu on the Flexor system tray icon.

Screenshot of About window

The About window with diagnostics disabled

To activate the diagnostics, change the option in the diagnostics drop-down:

Screenshot of diagnostic options drop-down

The drop-down of diagnostic options

For most cases, choose the option Local - this session; this will start capturing diagnostic information immediately. 

If the problem you are experiencing occurs when the software starts, choose the option Local - from start of next session, then restart the Flexor Manager software. Diagnostic information will start being captured as soon as the software is restarted.

You should not select the Remote - this session or Remote - from start of next session options unless instructed to do so by a member of the Camrivox Support team.

What information is collected in the diagnostic trace?

The diagnostic information generated includes details of the actions you perform as you use the software to make and receive calls. Because of this, it is likely that it will include phone numbers and the names of contacts associated with those numbers from your contacts database. Camrivox will treat all such information as confidential, and will not use any diagnostic information for any purpose other than that of identifying problems with the software.

Reproduce the problem

The next step is for you to perform the actions that trigger the problem that you have been experiencing. 

Save the diagnostic information to a file

Once you are satisfied that you have reproduced the problem, you can end the diagnostic trace either by exiting Flexor Manager (select Exit from the right-click menu on the Flexor system tray icon), or by opening the About window and setting the diagnostics option back to Disabled. In either case, Flexor Manager will prompt you for a location to save the diagnostic trace to:

Screenshot of save dialog for diagnostics trace

The save diagnostic trace window

Save the file to a location where it is easy for you to find. Once the diagnostic file has been saved, no more diagnostic information will be collected unless you re-enable the diagnostics from the About window.

Email the information to support

Once you have saved the diagnostic trace, send the saved file as an email attachment to your support provider. Be sure to include in your email:

  1. A description of the problem you are experiencing
  2. A list of the steps you performed to reproduce the problem for the diagnostic trace
  3. Screen shots to help illustrate the problem
  4. Phone numbers used and results you expected
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