Flexor click to dial for MS Dynamics CRM

Server side changes no longer required for MS Dynamics 

Support for MS Dynamics 2011 has been available since Flexor version 2.1.36. Installation to Dynamics 2011 was managed by importing a solution and by running the Flexor Dynamics Configuration tool for Dynamics 4. 

Since Flexor 2.1.113 and up, no server side changes are required to Dynamics 4, 2011 or CRM Online, so there is no need to run the configuration tool or import the solution. If you do not think you have the latest build of Flexor please contact support or check the release notes page

Click to Dial in Dynamics directly from phone numbers, is now enabled via most browsers without needing to make any changes in Dynamics. 

MS Dynamics click to dial

Please check the Flexor add-in, plugin or extension is installed and enabled in your browser as appropriate.

Flexor add-on for IE

All configuration of Flexor for Dynamics is now performed via the Dynamics Integration configuration section of Flexor Devices and Applications (see the screen shots below).

Devices and Applications

Please note that Microsoft's own hosted Dynamics CRM offering now provides a discovery service for client PC software (such as Flexor), so that they can load balance their data centers.

Once Flexor is installed on the users PC, in Flexor Devices and Applications, Dynamics Integration Configuration, Connection tab, Server field, with https checked, MS Dynamics online users should use the discovery URL appropriate to them from the table below.

The following table lists the Web service URLs for the worldwide Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online data centers.


Location Discovery Web service URL Identity Provider

North America


Microsoft account


Microsoft Office 365



Microsoft account


Microsoft Office 365



Microsoft account


Microsoft Office 365

Please fill in the appropriate entry in the server field (circled in the screen shot below). There is also a new Connection Authentication type "CRM Live 2011" (also shown in the screen shot below) under Flexor Devices and Applications, MS Dynamics Integration Configuration, Connection tab. This option should also be used for CRM 2013 including On Premise. Account details will have been supplied by Microsoft for Online users. For users with their own on premise solution depending on how you have configured your server authentication, you may need to use the Fully Qualified Domain name. Once you have entered your server and login details, please click on Refresh List and then select your organisation from the drop down list. Then click on the Login button.

Dynamics Connection configuration tab

Once Flexor is connected to your server, please check that the Flexor URL handlers are configured as per this FAQ.

If Click to dial does not function as expected, you may need to use the User Defined setting on the Settings tab of the Flexor Dynamics configuration.

Settings screen shot

Depending on the version of Dynamics you are using you maybe able to use other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox and disable Flexor integration with Internet Explorer. There are settings in Flexor that need to be checked depending on the browser you are using. These can be found under Flexor OnScreen, Options, General settings, Miscellaneous tab.
So if you want Flexor to have no effect on Internet Explorer, disable the first option. And if you have the second option enabled you can still use Flexor with Dynamics but only using Chrome or Firefox.

Browser integration options

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