Flexor click to dial for Dynamics CRM 2011

Click to dial not available in Dynamics 2011

This FAQ applies only to Flexor up to version 2.1.112. From 2.1.113 and up no server side changes are required.

Support for MS Dynamics 2011 has been available since Flexor version 2.1.36. Installation to the Dynamics server is now managed by importing the solution. Please follow these steps to import the Flexor solution to your instance of MS Dynamics 2011. Start by installing Flexor to your PC as normal, then logged into your Dynamics server as an Administrator:

1.In the Dynamics Server Navigation Pane, click Settings.
2.Under Customization, click Solutions.
3.On the Actions toolbar, click Import.
4.To browse through folders and locate the compressed (.zip) file that contains customizations and settings exported from Microsoft Dynamics
CRM, click Browse.

The file is located in the current Flexor programs folder for example:

C:\Program Files\Camrivox\FlexorManager\2.1.92\CamrivoxFlexorDynamicsCTI_managed.zip

The solution import only needs to be performed once. Your folder number may be different depending on the version you have installed. Release notes are available here.

Once you have imported the solution to your Dynamics server, add your Dymanics login details via the Dynmaics Integration screen under Flexor Devices and Applications.

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