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Administrator Setup

Administrator Setup

Only follow the instructions in this section if you are the administrator of Salesforce for your organisation.


Before you can set-up Camrivox Salesforce CTI software, you must ensure the following:

Camrivox / PC:


Flexor Apex for Salesforce - Enterprise or Unlimited:

Installation and Set up

Below is a summary of the steps involved in the installation and set up process:

  1. Installation of the Flexor software on the administrator's Windows PC.
  2. Setup of the Flexor Call Center for the organisation on
  3. Then for each CTI user:

Setup of Camrivox Salesforce CTI package on

The setup of the Camrivox Salesforce CTI package on is done once for the organisation by an administrator. The instructions are as follows:

1. Log in to as an administrator.

2. Go to Setup --> Customize --> Call Center Edition --> Call Centers:

Screenshot of Call Center setup

Going to Setup --> Customize --> Call Center Edition --> Call Centers

If you cannot find the option to manage Call Centers, the reason may be that you do not have the correct subscription to Salesforce. Call Centers are only supported in Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions of Salesforce, so users on Team editions will have to contact to upgrade.

3. Click on Continue at the bottom of the screen.

4. The next page shows all Call Centers, which will be an empty list if this is the first time a Call Center has been set up.

5. Click on Import to add a new Call Center.

6. The next screen requires you to upload an XML file that is provided as part of the Camrivox Salesforce CTI software:

Screenshot of uploading XML config file

Importing the Camrivox XML configuration file your Salesforce system

The Apex Call Center Definition File.xml file location is dependent on the location chosen by the user during installation of Flexor. Based on the default installation settings, the file to be uploaded is:

                    C:\Program Files\Camrivox Ltd\Flexor Manager\nn\Call Center Setup\Apex Call Center Definition File.xml

Where "nn" is the version number of Flexor you have installed for example:

                    C:\Program Files\Camrivox Ltd\Flexor Manager\2.1.152\Call Center Setup\Apex Call Center Definition File.xml

                    i.e. the following directory tree:


    Program Files\

        Camrivox Ltd\

            Flexor Manager\


                    Call Center setup\

                        Apex Call Center Definition File.xml

7. Browse to the Apex Call Center Definition File.xml, select it, click on Open, then Click on Import to import the specified file, and an import summary will be shown:

Screenshot of XML file summary

Import summary

The unmanaged package containing both the Flexor Apex Call Center and the Visualforce page is also downloadable from

The password is Flexor

Now you need to make this Call Center available to all users who need to use CTI.

8. Click on Manage Call Center Users.

9. Click on Add More Users.

10. Specify a search pattern for the users you wish to add, or leave blank and click Find to list all users.

11. A list of users will be presented. Select the users for whom CTI is to be enabled.

Screenshot of user summary

Selecting the users who will be using CTI

12. Finally, click Add to Call Center.

Now CTI is enabled on for the specified users. 

After restarting and logging into Salesforce, if you see a blank space in your browser with a message "Page Flexor does not exist" please have your Salesforce administrator download the Visualforce page called Flexor from the link below.

The unmanaged package containing both the Flexor Apex Call Center and the Visualforce page is downloadable from

The password is Flexor

All that remains to be done is to set up Flexor Apex for Salesforce on each user's PC.

Flexor Apex for Salesforce:

Setup trouble-shooting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I do not get the Call Center Edition option when I am at stage (2) in the install instructions?

The cause of this is likely to be that have not enabled the Call Center features for your subscription to Salesforce. You need to contact them and request it to be enabled.

Error message "No search results for this call"?

This message appears when Salesforce attempts to look-up a contact in order to display details for a certain telephone number. The error message can simply be due to the fact that no contact is in Salesforce with the corresponding number. However, if you are sure such a contact record does exist, and that the details should have been found, then it may indicate a problem with your Salesforce subscription. This can be verified by looking at the logs produced by the Camrivox Salesforce CTI application. The logs will contain a message saying "API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner". The solution to this problem is the same as that to (FAQ 1) above - you need to contact Salesforce and request that your subscription properly supports Call Center Edition.

Other Salesforce FAQ's are available here

Other Languages

Camrivox is currently expanding its support for other languages. In the meantime, this web page can be accessed in other languages using Google's automated translation service below:

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