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Administrator Setup

Administrator Setup

Only follow the instructions in this section if you are the administrator of NetSuite for your organisation and wish to enable the old Suite bundle integration.

Please note Flexor for NetSuite using the Suite Bundle only supports Internet Explorer. Camrivox recommends using the newer SuiteTalk integration (see note below).

Please note there is now a newer Flexor NetSuite integration available from Camrivox that also supports Chrome and Firefox. Please refer to the user guide for SuiteTalk here. If you use the new SuiteTalk integration there is no need to use the Suite bundle method described below. If you are not sure which to use, please contact support.


Before you can set up Camrivox NetSuite CTI software, you must ensure the following:

Camrivox / PC:


Installation and Set up

Below is a summary of the steps involved in the installation and set up process:

  1. Setup of the Camrivox NetSuite CTI software for the organisation on the NetSuite system
  2. Then for each CTI user:

Setup of Camrivox NetSuite CTI package in the NetSuite environment

The setup of the Camrivox NetSuite CTI package in the NetSuite environment is done once for the organisation by an administrator. The instructions are as follows:

1. Log in to the organisation's NetSuite account as an administrator.

2. Go to Setup --> Company --> Enable Features  

Enable Features

and then select the SuiteCloud tab

SuiteCloud Tab

SuiteCloud tab in Setup --> Company --> Enable Features

3. Ensure that the checkbox next to Telephony Integration in the Integration Add-ons section is ticked.

4. Click on the Save button.

5. Then go to Customization-->SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles 

Search and install bundles

6. Click on Advanced, then select the Production account option from the Location drop down list and enter the account number: TSTDRV376757 into the Account ID field. Click Search to get the list of available bundles.

7. Click on the Flexor CTI 1.0.26 bundle, then click on the Install Bundle button to install it. 

Install bundle

Installing the script bundle

8. Go to your Home dashboard page, and select 'Personalize Dashboard' from the Settings panel

9. Select one of the Custom Portlet entries to display it. Click on the Set Up link to open a list of scripts that can be installed. 

Portlet Setup

    Select the entry called camrivox_scriptlookup and select Save.

    Adding Script

Opening the script locator panel

10. Note down the numbers of the scripts presented to you in the panel. 

***Please note the numbers shown in the screen shot below are just examples and are not the numbers you should use. Your numbers will be different and are unique to your instance of Netsuite. If the panel reports 'Not Found' for one or both of the scripts, please contact Camrivox Support ( for assistance.

Custom Portlet

The script locator panel

These numbers are the internal IDs of scripts used by Camrivox Flexor to interact with the NetSuite system when performing contact searches and writing journal records. Each user must configure their installation of Camrivox Flexor with these numbers - see Chapter 3, User Setup for more details. After you have done this, you can close the Script Locator panel.

11. Decide whether your organisation is going to use Phone Call or User Note records to store journal information about calls that users make. The Phone Call record contains more detail about each call (for instance both the start and end time of the call are recorded), but can only be added to a Contact or Employee record if that record's company field is set, so you may find that the journalling coverage is not complete. The decision may also depend on the access permissions that you have set for your user roles - if some roles are not permitted to create one or other of the Phone Call or User Note records, then the journalling functionality will not be available for those roles.

12. Distribute the script numbers, and the choice as to whether to use Phone Call or User Note records, to each Camrivox Flexor CTI user.

Setup trouble-shooting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I am already using all of the Custom Portlets on my dashboard in step (7) - how can I open the script locator?

Unfortunately the only solution to this is to change one of the Custom Portlets to run the camrivox_scriptlookup script. However, you will only need to run this briefly in order to identify the script ID numbers, you can then change it back to its previous setting.

Other Languages

Camrivox is currently expanding its support for other languages. In the meantime, this web page can be accessed in other languages using Google's automated translation service below:

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