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Getting Started with Flexor Software (English)


We have tried to make getting going with Flexor Software as easy as possible, and this guide has been produced to provide a summary of how to get started with Flexor Software for the first time. If you do not find something easy or obvious, please let us know and we will aim to improve our on line and in program documentation.

If you wish to submit a support query you can do so by clicking on the Submit A Query link on the Home Page of the Flexor Account Portal as shown below:

Submit A Query link on the Flexor Account Portal


This guide contains the following information:

Creating an account and installing the software

Creating an Account

In order to use Flexor Software it is necessary to create an account on the Flexor Account Management portal. If you have already created an account and have a Flexor User ID, please read on.

To create an account click here. You can also now register and create an account during the installation process, just download Flexor from here.

The registration form will ask you a number of questions, including which type of phone system you use. If you use a supported phone system you will be given a 14 day fully functional license for Flexor CTI for Outlook and or CRM. If your phone system is not supported, you may be asked to Register for a Beta or Register Interest in you phone system type. If you are using an Asterisk based system, choose Asterisk, do not enter the particular brand of Asterisk you have. If you are using a phone system that supports TAPI, choose TAPI, do not enter the particular brand of phone system you have.

Once your account is created you will be able to login immediately. You should also be sent a confirmation e-mail.

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail please check your SPAM folders and filters. In order to maintain your account we will send e-mails from time to time so please adjust your SPAM filter to allow e-mails from and the domain

Downloading and Installing Flexor Software

To download Flexor Software simply login to the Flexor Account Portal and then click on the download button as shown below:

Download button in the Flexor Account Portal

Once you have clicked on the button, choose your language and click on the Get Flexor Software Now button. The download is the same for all the different combinations of supported phone systems and applications. 

If the installation does not start automatically then please run the file that has just been downloaded. The installation is fairly straight forward, but if you require additional information click here.

Alternatively download Flexor from the link on the Camrivox home page.

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Running the software for the first time

Running the Welcome Wizard

To run the software for the first time, from the Windows Start menu click on the following in sequence:

When you run the software for the first time you will be guided through a Welcome Wizard which helps set up the software. There are two main stages:

The first of these is relatively straight forward and is covered in the following guide.

Once logged in, the software will automatically help find a phone or PBX extension to use and how this happens is slightly different depending on your phone system. For more information see the appropriate guide:

Additionally for Asterisk your administrator may need to make some minor changes before you can use Flexor Software. These are explained here.

Outlook CTI Support

Once you have added a phone or PBX extension it is possible to start, or restart, Outlook 2007 or 2010 and enjoy the benefits of CTI. Flexor CTI for Outlook supports:

For more information please see the Camrivox Outlook CTI Guide.

Outlook 2003 is supported using version 2.0.49 of Flexor. Remember to de-install any existing version of Flexor using Windows Control Panel, Add Remove Programs before installing a different version of Flexor.

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Adding colleagues to your account

You may want colleagues in your company to use or try Flexor Software as well and we have made this easy.

Do not provide your login details to a colleague. If you do Flexor Software will log you out when they use your login details. Always create an account for your colleague.

Simply login to the Flexor Account Portal and click on the Invite A Colleague.

Invite A Colleague button in the Flexor Account Portal

Enter your colleagues details and click Invite Colleague and an account will be created automatically and an e-mail sent to them to complete their account setup.

Once your colleague has logged on for the first time they will be able to download and start using the software.

If your colleague does not receive the account invitation e-mail please ask them to check their SPAM folders and filters. In order to maintain their account we will send e-mails from time to time so please ask them to adjust their SPAM filter to allow e-mails from and the domain

Alternatively use Manage Users in the Flexor Account Portal to Add Users to your Flexor Account. This avoids emails being stopped by spam filters.

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Trying or buying new software

Managing licenses via the Flexor Account Portal

The Flexor Account Portal also allows you to try software for 14 days, or buy a yearly license. At the moment this means adding Outlook, Dynamics, Salesforce or Netsuite CTI support to your account, either for 14 days as a trial or for 1 year if purchased. In order to try or buy software first click on the Buy / Try Software button on the home page, as shown below:

Try / Buy Software button in the Flexor Account Portal

The panel Flexor Software Available for Free, to Try or to Buy shows all licenses that could be available to you. In order to buy a license simply click on the Buy Now button, this will re-direct to a secure purchasing site. In order to try a license, simply click on the Try Now button. An example panel is shown below:

Try / Buy Software Panel in the Flexor Account Portal

When trying or buying a license you will be notified by e-mail when the license has been credited to your account. For trial licenses this is usually instant, for purchased licenses, it will be when the purchase is complete. Once credited to your account the licenses will show up in the Existing Flexor Software Licenses panel, an example of which is shown below:

Existing Licenses Panel in the Flexor Account Portal

If Flexor Manager is not running on your PC, simply running Flexor Manager and logging in will enable you to use the new licenses.

If Flexor Manager is already running you will need to logout, as shown below:

How to logout of Flexor Manager

When you log back in you will be able to use your new licenses

Setting up CTI for Salesforce, Dynamics and Netsuite

Please note Flexor Manager is not itself a soft phone. A compatible phone device / system is required. Please see FAQ.

Please note when installing in a Terminal Server environment, as Flexor may install some other prerequisites, such as .net, the Microsoft Installer may try and restart the Server.

As Netsuite, Dynamics and Salesforce are hosted applications there is a small amount of administrative and user setup which needs to take place before you can use Flexor CTI with Salesforce or Netsuite. The following will take you to the user guides and should enable you or your administrator to configure Salesforce or Netsuite appropriately:

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Other Languages

Camrivox is currently expanding its support for other languages. In the meantime, this web page can be accessed in other languages using Google's automated translation service below:

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