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Working With Queues

Working With Queues

Agent login

Flexor Manager will handle calls received from by an agent logged into a queue in the same way as other calls. This means that the behaviour is slightly different from normal usage.

In order to handle the calls received from the queue correctly, Flexor Manager needs to detect that the extension has been used to log in as an agent. This means that Flexor Manager must be running and attached to the correct Asterisk device before you perform the agent login.

The call you make to perform the agent login will not cause a summary window to open, and no journal entry will be made for that call.

If you end a call received from a queue using the call summary window, you will remain logged in and will become available to take another call from the queue. The call will be identified with the number of the person who called into the queue, and a journal entry will be created as normal for that person.

If you end the agent login call on your device, you will be logged out and any current call from the queue will be ended.

Agent callback login

If you are using the agent callback mechanism to receive calls from a queue, there are no special actions that need to be taken. Calls from the queue that are sent to your extension will be treated as any other call that you may receive, and journal entries are created against the contact details for the person that called into the queue as usual.

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