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Adding an Asterisk-connected phone by extension number

You can use the manual configuation setting to connect an Asterisk-connected device for which you know the extension number. This can be useful if your Asterisk PBX has a large number of extensions defined.

Asterisk manual search window before extension is entered

Initial state of manual search

Enter the number of the extension that you wich to connect to, then click the "Find Extension" button.. Every configured Asterisk server will be searched for extensions with a number that matches the one you have given.

Manual search window showing extensions found that match the requested number

Finding extensions for a particular number

More than one extension may be returned, either because the extension is available both on SIP and IAX (as in the example shown), or if you have several Asterisk servers configured which all define extensions with the given number. To get more information about a particular number, for instance the server that defines it, hold the mouse pointer over that extension's icon.

Once you have identified the extension you wish to connect to, click on its icon to select it and click the "Add >" button:

Manual search window showng process of adding an extension to Flexor Manager

Adding the required extension to Flexor Manager

If none of the configured servers define an extension with the number you entered, the search window will report this:

Manual search window showing that no matching extension was foundd

No matching extensions found

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